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Massage And Pregnancy in Colorado Springs, CO

Pregnancy is a magical time in any woman’s life. But the dramatic changes that take place in your body as your pregnancy progresses can add stress to weight-bearing joints, cause painful backaches, and result in uncomfortable symptoms ranging from headaches and digestive problems to sciatica and chronic muscle tension. Prenatal massage is designed to meet the unique needs of a mother-to-be as she undergoes the many physical changes that occur during pregnancy.

Relief from the Discomforts of Pregnancy

At Therapeutic Alternatives in Colorado Springs, CO, we help moms-to-be get relief from the common discomforts associated with pregnancy so they can truly enjoy this incredible time in their lives. Our well-qualified massage therapists are dedicated to helping pregnant women feel their best. And because every body is different, we work closely with you to develop a completely personalized treatment plan.

Breast Massage

Breast massage for health and wellness is a gentle draining of the breast tissue to relief the tension from monthly fluid build up. It helps to decrease the fibroid tissue and may help the image of a mammogram be clearer. It certainly reduces the stress from larger breasts and how the body carries them. It is a gentle procedure. It is certainly helpful to have this done the day before your mammogram. call for more information today.

Pain Neutralization Technique

A method that allows the body to unwind the tissue to permanently release trigger points. This is a 80 to 90% effective.

Let us help you enjoy a healthier, more comfortable pregnancy. Call at Therapeutic Alternatives in Colorado Springs, CO now to schedule your appointment.